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According to the first world report on vision issued by WHO, at least 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment or blindness, of which over 1 billion cases could have been prevented or have yet to be addressed. Among them, staring at the tablet / computer / smartphone for a long time is the major cause of eye damage. The strong light stimulation, blue light, and strobing of the traditional LCD light-emitting screens can easily make our eyes fatigued even causing lesions that lead to irreversible damage.

"Not-eReader 103" implements ambient light-reflective E-ink technology, which has been widely used in e-readers such as Kindle, boasting high reflectivity, wide viewing angle, high contrast, high resolution and visibility. “Not-eReader 103” displays like a printed newspaper, yet features the mobility of a screen, which solves the troubles caused by strong light and strobing. It is the perfect E-ink tablet which allows you to stave off  damage to your eyes caused by LCD screens while working, studying and being used for  entertainment purposes.

  • "Not-eReader 103" implements reflective ambient light E-ink display, like real paper, staves you off the damage to your eyes caused by the LCD screens of tablet, computer and smartphone.

  • "Not-eReader 103" is just like a large size Kindle with more functions. It's not only an e-Reader but also an open Android tablet. No longer limited to Kindle bookstore reading, you can install more Apps for reading, social, learning and office use, such as Office, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube , LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. 
  • In addition, “Not-eReader 103" operates as both a Mini PC Monitor and Smartphone Monitor. It can be connected to your computer, browsing the web, editing documents, and writing codes. It can also mirror your smartphone. Display your smartphone on "Not-eReader 103".

  • "Not-eReader 103" has the fastest refresh speed and lower latency among other E-ink devices. Staving your off the suffering of the black flashing and lagging of Kindle. You can smoothly play cartoons and online lessons for kids with it.

DASUNG takes care of the eyes of people in the information age and focuses on the development of special display terminals based on E-ink technology (E-paper). In December 2014, we released the world's first 13.3” E-ink monitor Paperlike, and was invited to participate in the 2015 CES in the United States. In 2019, we released 7.8" E-ink tablet "Not-eReader". So far, we have got more than 160 media coverage in over 20 languages. DASUNG has users from 70 countries and regions around the world.

High-quality specifications: 

Cold & Warm front-light, Android 9.0 Open System, 6400mA High-capacity Battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Chip, 4GB+64GB, Bluetooth, WIFI, Multiple-point Touch, Speaker & Mircophone, Quick charge, Support TF Card & OTG Function, Compatible with Most devices.

Used as a tablet, you can use multiple Apps anytime, anywhere! Display like painted paper. Watch online courses and videos.

Connected to a computer with HDMI interface. You can smoothly browse websites, edit documents, write codes, read PDF, edit spreadsheets, watch lecture, videos and track stocks. It supports mirror&extended display, freely switch between horizontal&vertical screens which satisfy all your demands of working, studying and for entertainment purposes. Under Windows system, you can use touch screen function to operate your computer, very convenient.

Connected to smartphones with cables or through WiFi and Bluetooth. Crafty-designed as a smartphone monitor, you can browse contents on your smartphone. Android phones support reverse touch screen, which means you can directly operate your smartphone on the "Not-eReader 103" screen.

  • Wired connection: 

For Android phones, you need to use the corresponding HDMI female adapter. iPhones are not compatible with this function. 

  • Wireless connection: 

Connected to Not-eReader 103 through WiFi and Bluetooth.

"Not-eReader 103" features a 10.3  inch E-ink capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1872*1404 pixels at 228 PPI. With high contrast clear retina screen, the display effect is clearer and sharper.

"Not-eReader 103"  design is very simple, light and thin.

Equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon processor, "Not-eReader 103" is the strongest CPU-configured tablet among the E-ink industry, featuring stronger performance, lower power consumption, and smoother operation.

The traditional e-reader is plagued by the problem of slow refresh speed, black flashing, and lagging. Our self-developed DASUNG Turbo high-speed refresh technology has solved this problem. Almost no Latency.

Open Android system,smart, you can install various Apps such as Facebook / YouTube / Ted, 4+64GB memory large-capacity storage, supports TF expansion card.

Features front light, illuminating LED light running parallel to the device from the side. The light guide plate attached to the surface of the screen ensures the light illuminates the E-ink screen, and the light will not directly shine into your eyes. Protecting eyes to the fullest while achieving the fill light effect. Switch between cool and warm light freely, adjustable front light brightness, the front light can also be turned off completely.

Large sound speaker, delicate sound quality, supports voice input, accurately convert speech to text.

High-capacity battery lasts a whole day’s use. Featured with QC3.0 fast charging technology, fast to fully charge the battery, the standby time is also durable.

"Not-eReader 103" supports OTG function, connected via OTG adaptor to U disk, mobile hard disk, SD card, etc. Plug and play, you can directly view photos and files on "Not-eReader 103".

Through the cross adjustment of the three dimensions of “grayscale,” “ink drop blackness” and “contrast”, the speed and image quality can be optimized, which can meet your different needs in the office, for entertainment and learning in order to protect your eyes well. You can personalize it by selecting the appropriate image quality to achieve the extraordinary effect of better speed, better image quality and better operation.

  • Do you offer refunds?

We are glad to offer refund if you are confronted with serious issues. We cannot accept refunds for other reasons, because the two-way shipment and customs fees are very high and there might be unpredictable situations during shipping which causes high cost. That's the reason why we strongly recommend you to carefully evaluate before purchasing. Thank you!

  • Whether it support Google play?

Yes, it  supports Google service certification and it has built-in google play store to download Apps.

  • Does it support capacitive pen in computer monitor mode?

In computer monitor mode, handwritten version and non-handwritten version tablet both don’t support capacitive pen (stylus pen).

  • Which brand of smartphone can be mirrored on the tablet? 

HDMI Wired Connection is only compatible with some smartphones,  WiFi & Bluetooth Wireless Connection is compatible with almost all smartphones.

Tip 1: Android phones: 

Only if your smartphone supports HDMI standard video signal output, you can connect your smartphone to Not-eReader 103 with data cable, otherwise you can only connect your samrtphone to Not-eReader 103 via WiFi and Bluetooth. Currently we’ve tested Android smartphones that support video signal output are: Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei P30,  Smartisan  R1.

Tip 2: iPhone: 

iPhone is not compatible with wired cable connection, but it can be connected wirelessly via Airplay to mirror the iPhone screen to display. 

Reason: iPhone does not support external output of touch screen signals, so it's not compatible with touch screen function.

  •  Do I need an extra cable or adaptor to connect the tablet to use as a PC monitor? 

If your PC is HDMI interface, you can directly connect it with the tablet to mirror your PC screen. If your computer is not a HDMI interface, but features a DP / Mini-DP / Type-C / Mini HDMI interface, you can also connect it to your computer with the corresponding adaptor. 

In addition, a computer with VGA interface is not compatible with "Not-eReader 103", even if you use an adaptor.