Customers from 70 countries and regions

In the last 5 years, DASUNG has developed and launched multiple generations of Paperlike E-ink Monitor that users in 70 countries can’t live without. And we never stop innovating!


Due to the product’s creativity, uniqueness and beneficial value, DASUNG’s E-ink monitor Paperlike and its mobile phone monitor Not-eReader, has received spontaneous reports from more than 20 languages and more than 110 domestic and overseas technology media. The pact is far-reaching.

Customers from 70 countries and regions

"We can read for hours withour feeling like our eyes are burning off from a harsh backlight. Chinese company DASUNG wants to bring that same experience to computer monitors."

“If your day job involves prolonged computer use, that’s obviously a perennial worry, but a new campaign by Chinese manufacturer Dasung may have the solution: the Paperlike, a backlight-free e-ink monitor for your desktop.”

 “Paperlike HD touch has a new board from the previous model. Achieved faster response speed & low delay operation. In addition, the touch panel has become more intuitive to operate than a mouse.”

“The Dasung Paperlike HD E-ink Monitor is What Every Author Needs.”

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