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The Inventor since 2013 of E-ink High Framerate Refresh Technology

Pioneering E-Ink Innovations Since 2013

Established in March 2014, Beijing Dasung Tech Co., Ltd. stands proud as the inventor of E-Ink High Framerate Refresh Technology. Recognized as a China National High-Tech Enterprise, DASUNG is a global trailblazer in the realm of E-Ink applications.

Our journey began with a visionary trio – Dong Gong, a science fiction writer, Dr. Ray Chen, and Hiro Gong – who ignited the spark of E-Ink technology. With a steadfast commitment to creating display terminals that prioritize eye comfort and deliver exceptional user experiences, DASUNG has been leading the E-Ink revolution since inception.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, our status as a national high-tech enterprise in China reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of E-Ink applications. From 2013 to the present, DASUNG's legacy is etched in its contributions to a more eye-friendly and user-centric technological landscape.

Since its inception in 2014, DASUNG has been unwavering in its commitment to the sales and development of E-Ink Monitors, offering profound relief from digital eye strain. At the forefront of innovation, DASUNG introduced the groundbreaking concepts and mass production of "E-Ink Monitors" and "E-Ink Tablets." These products, often referred to as "black technology" within the E-Ink community, have earned their reputation for their paper-like displays and remarkable eye protection benefits. Our efforts have garnered over 200 media coverages across more than 20 languages.

In stark contrast to LED/LCD screens, our E-Ink screens seamlessly blend the convenience of technology with the nostalgic sensation of traditional paper. The hallmark of E-Ink technology is its reliability, durability, and exceptional battery life, making our products the perfect companions for diverse applications. Whether you're a student, educator, professional, or simply seeking to shield your eyes from digital fatigue, DASUNG offers a suite of products designed to cater to your unique needs.

Global Impact with Independent Intellectual Property

DASUNG's E-ink products proudly stand with complete independent intellectual property rights. Our reach extends to users across over 78 countries and regions worldwide, showcasing the international influence and recognition of our innovative solutions.


Customer Reviews

Normal monitors hurt my eyes

“I'm a software engineer who has problems looking at normal monitors for too long. I get headaches and have a hard time sleeping. If I have any reading or writing to do, I'll use the Dasung e-ink monitor. The cost is high and the image is not the best. I knew all that before buying it. For what I use it for, it works great. I'm glad I bought it. I hope Dasung develops a bigger and better e-ink monitor. If they do, I'll very likely buy it. For that, I gave 5 stars.” -------Charles

Excellent for reducing eyestrain

“I searched for a good solution after I had an eye issue that prohibited normal monitor use. After a lot of research, I found these. I am very happy with the quality and performance of these monitors. I use REVIT architectural software, and these monitors work well, since it is primarily a black/white/grayscale canvas that you work in. These are also great for using WORD & OUTLOOK for documents & email.”  -------Brian

Makes a difference

“I am a computer science student and spend a significant amount of time on the computer. My eyes were so dried out last semester that I couldn't use the computer for several weeks. I had nausea, headaches, and blurry vision. Blue light filtering glasses helped slightly but not enough.
Wow this monitor makes a huge difference for me. I can spend hours on end on this computer without hurting my eyes. ”-------Gavin

Worth it

"It is top of the line, advanced e-ink technology. It seems that no other product currently on the market challenges it. It can replace most activities that you would use with your conventional monitor. I would not watch a blockbuster movie on it, but a standard Youtube video while working is fine. If I had the authority, I would purchase one of these monitors for every worker in the office."------Ben

Very Usable Product for Work Purposes

"After 15 years in the IT industry my eyes are shot and related migraines are rampant. This monitor is proving to be very functional for work purposes and is a breath of fresh air for my eyes. I'm very impressed overall with the product after using it for the first week. The refresh rate is faster than expected and it was completely plug-n-play with Windows 10. Looking forward to larger monitors at some point! " ------Jamie