What is E-ink?     

E-ink, Paperlike, Protect Your Eyes Well

E-ink technology, developed by the MIT Media Lab, is the world's most advanced ambient-light-reflecting display technology. It utilizes voltage to drive ink droplets in microcapsules, producing natural and clear images on the screen that are illuminated by the surrounding light, rather than a backlight. This unique feature allows it to display content just like a piece of paper, which is why it is also referred to as "EPD" (Electronic Paper Display). The result is a display that is easier on the eyes and consumes less power, making it ideal for long-term reading, writing, and drawing tasks.


E-ink compared to the LCD

E-ink vs. LCD: Advantages for Eye Health

Traditional LCD monitors have drawbacks that can lead to eye strain:

  1. Intense Light: LCDs emit strong light from each pixel, causing dry and uncomfortable eyes during prolonged use.

  2. Blue Light: LCDs emit blue light, which can damage retinal cells and lead to long-term eye problems.

  3. Focus Fatigue: Low pixel density in LCDs strains eye muscles, as pixels don't align perfectly with display pixels.

  4. Flickering: LCDs refresh rapidly, causing brightness flickering that increases eye strain.

E-ink technology solves these issues:

  • No Blue Light: E-ink emits no harmful blue light, protecting retinal cells.

  • No Radiation: E-ink screens produce no electromagnetic radiation.

  • Paper-like Display: E-ink mimics paper, offering a natural and comfortable reading experience.

  • No Flicker: E-ink screens don't flicker, reducing eye strain.

E-ink is widely used in devices like Kindle for its eye-friendly features and global popularity.


Why Choose Paper-like E-ink Products?

■ Do your eyes feel strained after staring at a screen?

■ Concerned about screen glare for your family?

■ Spending long hours on a computer at work?

In today's digital world, prolonged screen use can lead to eye discomfort and health problems. Conventional screens emit harsh blue light, linked to dry eyes, inflammation, nearsightedness, and headaches—a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). To counter this, we need a screen that's gentle on the eyes. E-ink technology offers a solution. Its paper-like display and ambient-light reflection help reduce eye strain, making it an ideal choice for a healthier digital experience.

Experience Eye Comfort with Our E-ink Products

Our E-ink products feature a high-contrast retina display, delivering exceptional visual quality while prioritizing eye comfort. Unlike traditional LCD displays, they eliminate the issues of flashing and glare.

E-ink technology distinguishes itself from emissive displays like LCDs. Rather than emitting backlight, E-ink displays reflect surrounding ambient light, closely resembling the experience of reading ink on paper.


Unique DASUNG Turbo: Elevating E-ink with High-Speed Refresh Tech


Through extensive research and development, we've pioneered DASUNG Turbo, an innovative E-ink high-speed refresh technology. By optimizing video-stream signal processing, storage scheduling, and E-ink drive technology, our DASUNG E-ink products offer the quickest response rate in the E-ink monitor market. This translates to seamless activities like web browsing, typing, coding, reading, and even video playback, all without any lag or delay. Our E-ink products match the speed of LCD screens while delivering the added benefits of eye-protection and a paper-like reading experience.