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What is E-ink?     

E-ink, Paperlike, Protect Your Eyes Well

E-ink technology, developed by the MIT Media Lab. It’s the world’s best ambient-light-reflecting display technology. It drives ink droplets in microcapsules by voltage to make natural, clear images on the screen, illuminated by light in the environment rather than a backlight. Display like a piece of paper. So it also can be called “EPD” (Electronic Paper Display)


E-ink compared to the LCD

Traditional light-emitting monitors (such as LCD) often have the following disadvantages, which can cause eye strain. 

1. Strong Light Stimulation

Since the traditional monitor adopts an active luminescent structure, each pixel point is equivalent to a plurality of strong eye-light sources. Long-term gaze will make your eyes dry and painful.

2. Radiated Blue Light

The strong light of the traditional monitor contains blue light with strong electromagnetic energy. Prolonged and high-intensity blue light stimulation has direct and irreversible damage to retinal cells.

3. Focused Fatigue

Traditional monitors tend to have low pixel density, and it’s difficult to match the physical pixels with the display pixels are difficult one by one, resulting in weak display and long-term focus fatigue of the eye muscles.

4. Continuous flashing

The principle of liquid crystal imaging determines that the liquid crystal must be flipped and refreshed continuously, resulting in flashing phenomenon of brightness change. This rapid change in brightness will increase people's eye strain.

The E-ink technology provides you no blue light, no radiation, no flash and displays like paper, natural and comfortable, optimizing the above disadvantages of traditional light-emitting monitors, protects your eyes well, which is widely used in E-Books such as Kindle and has swept the world .


Why we all need a Paper-like E-ink Product

■ Do your eyes hurt when you look at a computer screen?  
■ Do you have children or elderly relatives who are sensitive to the glare?      
■ Are you an office worker who stares at a computer 10 hours a day?

In the information age, we look at our computers and smartphones for more than 12 hours a day. The LCD displays greatly impact our eyes and overall health. Bright light and screen flash can cause dry eyes, inflammation, nearsightedness, dizziness and headache, which is called Computer Vision Syndrome. We urgently need a paper-like monitor to save our eyes.

Our E-ink product has retina display, high contrast, fine quality, no flashing and no glare. It’s the perfect eye-saver.

Unlike emissive display like LCD where backlight is projected toward your eyes, E-ink display reflects ambient light from the environment. Therefore, E-ink feels much like real ink and paper eliminating eyestrain and glare.


Unique E-ink high-speed refresh technology: DASUNG Turbo

We have invested vigorously in redesigning video-stream signal processing, storage scheduling, and E-ink drive. We are proud to say the DASUNG E-ink product outperforms all other E-ink monitors in response rate. You can do so much more, web browsing, typing, coding, reading, seamlessly playing videos… It is as fast as LCD.