25.3-inch E-ink Monitor Paperlike 253

Industry-Leading Display Tech. Relieve Digital Eye Strain. Faster Speed. Less Delay.

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13.3-inch Paperlike HD Series

Portable & Stylish. Highly Improve Work Efficiency

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10.3-inch Tablet: Not eReader 103

Strong Performace. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Chip. Exclusive Turbo High-speed Tech.

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DASUNG A4 Digital eReader

Perfect For PDFs. Various Note Templates. Limited Open System.

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  • Protect Your Eyes From LCDs

    In the information age, most of us spend over 12 hours a day our with computers and smartphones. The LCD displays greatly impact our eyes and overall health. Bright light and screen flash can cause dry eyes, inflammation, nearsightedness, dizziness and headache, which is known as Computer Vision Syndrome. Paperlike screen is urgently needed to save our eyes.

  • E-ink Technology

    DASUNG E-ink Monitor has retina display, high contrast, fine quality, no flashing and no glare. It’s the perfect eye-saver.

    Unlike emissive displays, like LCD, where backlight is projected onto your eyes, E-ink display reflects ambient light from the environment. Relieve your digital eye strain. Expand your view in an eye-friendly way.

DASUNG 25.3" Paperlike E-ink Monitor

Industry-Leading Display Technology
25.3-inch Immersive Large Screen. Relieve Your Digital Eye Strain

People Who Need E-ink Products


Paperlike E-ink Monitor displays Close to paper. Not backlit. Enjoy content with the most comfortable view, effectively relieve eye strain when writing code for a long time.

Office Workers

Meet the needs of long time office work, internet browsing, document reading, digital file dossier reviewing, text writing, financial form processing, suitable device for paperless office......

People with Visual Impairment

Paperlike E-ink Monitor is a good option for people with Myopia, dry eye, macular disease, etc


Paperlike E-ink Monitor is a good fit for Children. Schoolwork is increasingly done online. Childrens' eyes in development are fragile and need protection.

Teachers & Students

Paperlike E-ink Monitor is a good helper for your daily teaching activities, in primary, secondary and post-secondary education. Also can be used for writing and reading digital materials.

The Elderly

Paperlike E-ink Monitor benefits the eye health of the elderly. As you age, you may have drier and more easily-fatigued eyes.

New Generation Paperlike 13.3” E-ink Monitor

Paperlike HD Series E-ink Monitor is an auxiliary computer monitor helps protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). It doesn't emit a harsh backlight which might lead to eye issues, headaches, and insomnia. With DASUNG E-ink Monitor, your eyes will be protected while writing code or browsing the internet. It is a good replacement of LCD dsiplays and can greatly relieve eye strain. No power cord or battery is needed. Plug and play. Sleek and Portable. You can take it anywhere you go.

Paperlike 253 E-ink Monitor

Paperlike 253 is featured with 25.3-inch retina display, high contrast, fine quality, no flashing and no glare. Close to paper. Enjoy content with the most comfortable viewEnjoy content with the most comfortable view, effectively relieve digital eye strain. It's eye-friendly and user-friendly professional E-ink monitor. Industry-Leading Display Technology. Move fast, delay less. Customizable Refresh Mode. Smooth different tasks. Nearly 4K paper size which demonstrates strong visual shock that the vision and thoughts of users can wander more freely. The Fastest E-ink Secondary Monitor You're Looking for.

Not-eReader 103: Unprecedented Smart E-ink Tablet

"Not-eReader 103" is just like a large size Kindle with more functions. Robust performance made for professional use. Large 13.3'' Screen with New Carta 1250 Ink. It's not only an e-Reader but also an open Android tablet. No longer limited to Kindle bookstore reading, you can install more Apps for reading, social, learning and office use, such as Office, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube , LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. It's smart and functional. Connected to your PC or laptop, used as a secondary small monitor. Connected to your smart phone, used as a phone mirror display screen.

  • Customers From Over 78 Countries & Regions

    At present, our E-ink products have completed independent intellectual property rights and got praises from customers. We have users from over 78 countries and regions around the world.

  • 160 Global Media Reports In 20 Languages

    Due to the product creativity, uniqueness and beneficial value, DASUNG E-ink monitor Paperlike Series and E-ink tablet: Not-eReader Series, have received spontaneous reports from more than 20 languages and 130 domestic and overseas technology media. The pact is far-reaching.

  • The Inventor and Leader of E-ink Monitors

    DASUNG is an innovative group founded in 2014 by science fiction writer Dong Gong, Dr. Ray Chen, and Hiro Gong. Team members come from China Aerospace Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MIT, Belarusian State University, and other top academies.

    In the last 9 years, DASUNG has developed and launched multiple generations of Paperlike E-ink Products that have users from over 80 countries and regions. And we never stop innovating!