Paperlike Color: The World First Color E-ink Monitor

DASUNG Paperlike Color - Featuring a 25.3-inch Kaleido 3 Color E-ink Screen, with a 16:9 golden ratio, presenting colors, and delivering an astonishing 3K ultra-high definition resolution. Comparable to color printing magazines or newspapers, this cutting-edge monitor offers a visually stunning and vibrant experience, redefining the realm of eye-friendly E-ink displays. The innovative DASUNG X-Color Filter technology enhances color contrast, brightness, text clarity, and dynamic color effects, elevating your viewing experience to new heights.

Paperlike Color E-ink Monitor is not just a display revolution, it's a solution for everyone who prioritizes eye health and seeks a more comfortable screen experience.


Paperlike HD Series E-ink Monitor - Your Ultimate Eye Protection

Shield your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) during prolonged computer usage with our E-ink Monitor. Unlike LCD displays, it's backlight-free, minimizing the risk of eye discomfort, headaches, and sleep disruption. This makes it a compelling substitute, effectively easing eye strain. With its cordless, battery-free design, it's effortlessly functional - just plug and play. Its sleek portability empowers you to take it anywhere. Embrace the comfort of a paper-like display and prioritize your eye health.


Paperlike 253: Elevate Your Viewing Experience

Discover the groundbreaking Paperlike 253, an industry-leading E-ink monitor boasting a 25.3-inch retina display that closely emulates paper. Experience unparalleled comfort as it effectively alleviates digital eye strain. With its high contrast and impeccable quality, this monitor eliminates flashing and glare, providing the ultimate eye-friendly and user-centric professional display. Equipped with cutting-edge display technology and customizable refresh modes, it ensures seamless performance across various tasks. With a nearly 4K paper size, it offers a captivating visual impact, fostering limitless creativity. Notably, it stands as the fastest E-ink monitor, meeting all your needs with unmatched finesse.


Paperlike U: 25.3-inch Curved E-ink Monitor

Paperlike U is a 25.3-inch curved E-ink monitor with a Retina-level immersive screen. It features a 3200 x 1800 resolution and supports HDMI, DP, and Type-C inputs. The exclusive curved screen frontlight provides even illumination, while the patent DASUNG Turbo Refresh Tech ensures smooth performance. With an ultra-thin body and support for wireless display, it serves as a professional desktop monitor, offering a comfortable viewing experience and relieving digital eyestrain.


Revolutionary 6.7" E-ink Phone Monitor - Your Smartphone's New Best Friend

Experience the groundbreaking 6.7" E-ink Phone Monitor that elevates E-ink screens to rival smartphones. Seamlessly mirror your phone's display, compatible with almost all smartphones. Encounter faster speeds and minimal delays. The ultrathin CNC unibody aluminum shell, available in phantom blue and space gray, delivers sleek portability. Choose between wired and wireless versions. With a 300 PPI ultra-high resolution display, immerse yourself in eye-friendly smartphone content. Unleash smartphone-like performance, complete with reverse touch capability.



DASUNG, a pioneering high-tech company headquartered in China, has been dedicated to producing top-notch E-ink monitors and E-ink tablets since 2014. Renowned for our revolutionary high refresh rate technology, we have emerged as a dominant force in the E-ink display industry, garnering widespread global recognition. Our products have earned acclaim from users and are exported to over 80 countries and regions worldwide, establishing DASUNG's strong reputation and global reach.