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DASUNG 13.3" E-ink Monitor Paperlike HD-F(Frontlight)/HD-FT (Frontlight & Touchscreen)

DASUNG 13.3" E-ink Monitor Paperlike HD-F(Frontlight)/HD-FT (Frontlight & Touchscreen)

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DASUNG 13.3" Paperlike E-ink Monitor

DASUNG New Generation 13.3" E-Ink Monitor Paperlike HD Series 

Featuring a Sleek Aluminum Alloy Shell that's Lighter, Thinner, and More Portable. Enjoy Multiple Inputs including Type-C and HDMI, Plus 3.5mm Earphone Jack and Ergonomic Physical Button Design. Compatible with Client Software for Added Convenience and Easy Operation. Choose from 3 Mount Stand Methods for Maximum Flexibility. Available in Bright Silver and Dark Grey Colors for a Stylish and Beautiful Look

Experience the World's Fastest E-ink Monitor

Enjoy Lightning-Fast Speeds Comparable to LCD Displays, All While Delivering a Real Paper-Like Display. Connect to Any External Device with HDMI and Type-C Inputs, Compatible with PC, Mac, and iPad. Protect Your Eyes While Enjoying Crisp, Clear Text and Graphics.

PROTECT YOUR EYES - Safeguard your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) with DASUNG Paperlike HD Series. Our E-Ink Monitor eliminates harsh backlight emissions that contribute to eye strain, headaches, and sleep issues. Enjoy a comfortable viewing experience without needing computer glasses. Let DASUNG be your solution for eye protection.

EASY SETUP - Setting up your DASUNG Paperlike HD Series E-Ink Monitor is effortless. Just plug in the included HDMI and Type-C cable to your computer, and use the stand for easy display setup. No power cord or battery required—it's true plug and play. Compatible with Windows, Mac (OS X 10.11+), Linux, Ubuntu, and iPad for maximum versatility.

NO GLARE - Enjoy flawless display performance outdoors and in high-glare environments with DASUNG Paperlike HD Series. The Carta E-Ink Monitor ensures unmatched sunlight readability, boosting productivity without needing to tilt or shade the screen. Even in low-light settings, the Paperlike HD Series delivers exceptional display quality. Customize your viewing experience with different display modes.

TOUCH FUNCTION COMPATIBILITY - Note: Touch function of the Paperlike HD-FT model works with Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. Unfortunately, Mac compatibility is limited to front light functionality.

Package Includes:

  • 1* E-ink Screen
  • 1* Portable Stand Stick
  • 1* HDMI Cable
  • 1* Type-C to Type-C Cable
  • 1* Magnetic Protective Case
  • 4* VESA Screws and Adapters (75*75mm)
  • 1* User Manual

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