Paperlike makes the world better

The Paperlike is an E Ink display with a USB cord and a stand. It has no battery, no touchscreen, no operating system, etc. It’s a secondary PC monitor only.

 It adds touchscreen support, an Android operating system, internal and expandable storage space, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a bunch of other features the Paperlike lacks.

Furthermore, the original Paperlike that first went on sale last fall used an E Ink Fina display, which is glass-based unlike the 13.3-inch plastic-based Mobius screen that the Onyx Boox Max and other ereaders come with. Obviously glass is going to be a lot more fragile and easier to break than plastic, so that’s another downgrade.

Dasung conveniently neglects to mention the specific screen tech anywhere on their website or page, so that probably means they are still using Fina screens.

The concept of an E Ink monitor is pretty cool, especially since it’s powered entirely via USB. Hopefully we start seeing more products like the Paperlike in the future. More competition and manufacturing could help drive prices down.

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