Q&A about Not-eReader 103

  • Do you offer refunds?

We are glad to offer refund if you are confronted with serious issues. We cannot accept refunds for other reasons, because the two-way shipment and customs fees are very high and there might be unpredictable situations during shipping which causes high cost. That's the reason why we strongly recommend you to carefully evaluate before purchasing. Thank you!

  • Whether it support Google play?

Google service certification requirements are very high, it just open to the latest hardware platform and android version in a short period. Sorry, the version of android system that we can use for this product has failed to obtain Google service certification.

  • Does it support capacitive pen in computer monitor mode?

In computer monitor mode, handwritten version and non-handwritten version tablet both don’t support capacitive pen (stylus pen).

  • Which brand of smartphone can be mirrored on the tablet? 

HDMI Wired Connection is only compatible with some smartphones,  WiFi & Bluetooth Wireless Connection is compatible with almost all smartphones.

Tip 1: Android phones: 

Only if your smartphone supports HDMI standard video signal output, you can connect your smartphone to Not-eReader 103 with data cable, otherwise you can only connect your samrtphone to Not-eReader 103 via WiFi and Bluetooth. Currently we’ve tested Android smartphones that support video signal output are: Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei P30,  Smartisan  R1.

Tip 2: iPhone: 

iPhone is not compatible with wired cable connection, but it can be connected wirelessly via Airplay to mirror the iPhone screen to display. 

Reason: iPhone does not support external output of touch screen signals, so it's not compatible with touch screen function.

  •  Do I need an extra cable or adaptor to connect the tablet to use as a PC monitor? 

If your PC is HDMI interface, you can directly connect it with the tablet to mirror your PC screen. If your computer is not a HDMI interface, but features a DP / Mini-DP / Type-C / Mini HDMI interface, you can also connect it to your computer with the corresponding adaptor. 

In addition, a computer with VGA interface is not compatible with "Not-eReader 103", even if you use an adaptor.