Collection: Not-eReader: First E-ink Mobile-Phone Monitor

- Mirror the Mobile-Phone - Play Cartoons & Lessons for Kids - As a useful Mini-PC Monitor(even touchable) - Read ebooks

Not-eReader:An E-ink Phone Monitor

DASUNG ”Not-eReader”  with 7.8" E-ink Screen. It is very portable and easy to hold. It has 300 ppi high resolution, Cold & Warm Front-light, Android 6.0, 5300mA Battery, Quad Core Processor, 2GB+64GB, Bluetooth, Wifi, 5-point touch, 2-channel stereo.

 Main Amazing Functions

- Mirror the Mobile Phone

DASUNG ”Not-eReader” is the World’s First -ink Mobile-phone Monitor. Wireless connection to mobile phones creates an E-ink alternative to LCD screens. This means you don't need to change your phone, ”Not-eReader” can be used with your mobile-phone. It can protect your eyes.

You can even control your mobile phone by touching on "Not-eReader". So you can use the "Not-eReader" as your familiar mobile phone. You can chat with your friends, read the news, use your favourite APPs that have install in your mobile phone all on "Not-eReader"

1. "Not-eReader" can support two-way transmission with Andriod smart phone. You can operate directly on "Not-eReader"

2. "Not-eReader" can't support two-way tracnsmission with iPhone/iPad. It can only display the iPhone/iPad. iPhone/iPad will becomes a trackpad

3. WIFI quality may effect the display quality

- Play Cartoons & Lessons for Kids

DASUNG ”Not-eReader” is an unprecedented E-ink device can play video. Significantly faster and smoother than other traditional e-readers. Kids and teenagers can use it to watch favorite cartoons, online video lessons, without harming  their eyes.

As the first E-ink device that can play video and cartoon,” Not-eReader” uses DASUNG's E-ink Turbo high-speed refresh technology to play videos very smoothly. There is no need to worry about the speed shortage of E-ink.

DASUNG intensively designs and reconstructs the video-stream signal processing, storage scheduling, and E-ink drive, etc. in a chip, resulting in the peerless fast speed of E-ink tablet.  

"Not-eReader " can make the online video lessons more suitable for eink device. Most online lessons are made for LCD with black background (such as Khan Academy), which looks terrible on E-ink. 

Not-eReader has 2 speakers and 3.5mm headphone interface with dual-track audio, which give you the most orginal sound. 

- As a useful Mini-PC Monitor(even touchable)

Support connect PC  /Mac / iPhone / iPad by HDMI cable

Support wireless connect PC which with win8 & win10

Connects to a computer and becomes a mini E-ink monitor. You will have an amazing working journey with paper-like E-ink monitor. Using HDMI cable, it can achieve data transmission. And of course, with this powerful DASUNG's technique, typing and browsing internet page can be done without any delay.

The mini-PC monitor also support the touch control. So you can use it as a Win10 tablet. You  can also connect it to PC wirelessly.

Mirror Display or Extend Display

Vertically or Horizontally

Mini-HDMI Connection. Just like DASUNG Paperlike E-ink Monitor

- Read ebooks

DASUNG ”Not-eReader” has an eReader function. Displays text via e-paper technology (functions just like a Kindle). You can read novels or comics.  "Not-eReader" can support a variety of mainstream document formats. Such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, MOBI, JPG, PNG, etc.,

"Not-eReader"  have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can read as freely as you think.

With strong processer and unique high-speed refresh tech, you can easily read PDF by DASUNG "Not-eReader".

Equipped with every advantage of any other eReaders

Switch mode using one tap: 

  • Fast mode: Top-speed refresh rate, smooth operation for movie, mouse operation. 
  • Reading mode: High-speed refresh rate, better contrast, exquisite graphics quality. Suitable for touching, reading.

The letters are easy to read under 300ppi, and there is no serrated edge on any letter

1872*1404 resolution. Retina screen

Delicate performance under 300ppi

- More interesting than eReader

DASUNG ”Not-eReader” is an open Android tablet. Runs Android apps autonomously with high visibility and contrast. You can use a lot of favorite Apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.,

You can type or edit your document with Bluetooth keyboard. You can also touch on the screen in any office APPs. 

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  • Screen: 7.8-inch E-ink screen
  • Video transmission: Mini-HDMI / wifi
  • Battery: 5300mAh
  • Power supply: Type-C 
  • Display: Reflects ambient light (no backlight)
  • Resolution: 1872*1404 retina display
  • Best working temperature: 15℃ ~35℃
  • Shell material: Plastic
  • RAM: 2GB 
  • ROM: 64G + TF card(Need to buy by yourself)
  • Two-channel stereo
  • Vibration motor

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